Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wake UP Church!!

A Christian's Responsibility Regarding Adoption.

I would like to speak to Christians who oppose Adoption Reform. Falsifying and altering birth certificates, is strictly to protect the "Investor", who in many cases, has shelled out big money to adopt. Adoptive parents are fearful, that the illusion will be shattered by a nasty little complication, called the Truth. Nothing will change until the mentality of Christian Adoptive Parents in this country changes, and the attorneys and Church funded organizations who profit from making the truth (and the birthmother) conveniently go away..

"No child is a possession, but rather an individual entrusted to the parents for a short time"..

The fear that the adopted child will somehow be located and reclaimed, is what drives the Christian opposition ( and all opposition) to Adoption Reform. That my friends, is not love. It is self serving and insecure, and everything that love is not.

And to make matters worse, some high profile Christians who have adopted, such as Steven Curtis Chapman, claim that adoption is "from God", and" blessed by God".. This is undoubtedly true in many cases, but surely God does not condone the greed and dishonesty that is the adoption machine, nor the suffering that adoptees and birthmothers must deal with for the rest of their lives.. If The Church and Christians expect God to bless an adoption that is rooted in secrecy and lies, then they are deceiving themselves, as well as the adopted child. My God , will always be on the side of Truth In Adoption....